Where is your company in its journey toward project management (PM) excellence?  Are your business needs fully aligned with high-impact, results-oriented training and development?

IIL's online tools and assessments can help you improve your project outcomes, increase your profits and advance the professional development of your organization's project managers.

Unified Project Management® Methodology (UPMM™)

IIL’s revolutionary UPMM is a comprehensive online project management solution for your entire organization.  The UPMM enables you to leverage our global expertise through a holistic suite of knowledge management tools, and it is available in three different versions:  Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

Containing the entire PMBOK® Guide as well as hundreds of templates, process models, real-world examples, best practice guidelines, policies and procedures, the UPMM is customizable, flexible and dynamic.  Save time and effort developing and deploying your own PM methodology.  Take advantage of this hosted solution that requires no installation or server space and transform the way your company does business.

360° Competency Assessments

Are your company's project managers getting training that is aligned with the business needs of your organization? What are their skill gaps, and how are you measuring their growth and development?

The 360° Competency Assessments are online tools that can help you measure proficiency levels, identify skill gaps and highlight areas of strength and opportunity. These convenient assessments are easy to use and will help you create development plans, benchmark performance against well-defined metrics and measure the effectiveness of improvement efforts.

Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment™

How is your company performing in the project management arena?  How does this performance compare to that of your competitors?  Developed by Dr. Harold Kerzner, one of the world’s foremost project management experts, the Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment™ can help your organization achieve superior levels of project management maturity. 

This time- and cost-efficient tool gives you an in-depth analysis of the state of your company’s PM process at five different levels, factoring in variables such as visibility, consistency and control.  Derived from real-life best practices of top global companies across industries, the Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment™ will generate an actionable plan to guide your organization to a new level of project management success.

Online Tools and Assessments